Egascon's Policies


The management and staff of Egascon Engineering Services Limited are dedicated to providing Oil and Gas, Marine and General Engineering Services that meet and exceed all applicable requirements of our interested parties, maintaining and applying continual improvement of effectiveness by regular review of our processes with international best practices.


Our quality policy is achieved through the following objectives:

  1. Ensuring that our processes and services meet quality requirements all times.
  2. Improving on the processes performance level achieved.
  3. nvesting in developing our people, to encourage and empower every one to achieve their full potential.
  4. Benchmark our activities as part of our challenge to achieve continual improvement.


It is the policy of Egascon Engineering Services Limited and key components of our culture to execute all of our projects in a manner that will ensure the health, safety and protection of all employees, clients, third party and host communities in which we work and lived.

To accomplish this we shall:

  1. Ensure that all personnel, whether employees or third parties are aware of their delegated HSE responsibilities and are properly trained to undertake these.
  2. Design and manage our activities to prevent pollution, minimize environmental and health impacts and provide work place where safety hazard have been fully assessed as appropriately mitigated.
  3. As a minimum, comply with all applicable HSE legislation, regulations and standards.
  4. Strive for continuous improvement in our HSE performance as measure this by setting objectives as target, consistent with the aims of this policy.
  5. Routinely monitor and report HSE performance to the Board of directors of Safeway Engineering Services, who will ensure that the necessary resources are provided to support this policy full.


It is the policy of Egascon Engineering Services Limited to reduce the impact of the company’s operations on the environment through its Green Agenda Initiative (GAI). The goal is to promote sustainability and environmental awareness at all level of the company by

  1. Comply with all applicable environmental legislation and sustainability commitment.
  2. Pursuing a programme of continuous improvement by reviewing our environmental management system and related objectives and targets, policies and practices.
  3. Ensure our staff are aware of the environmental impacts of their work activities and encourage them through regular awareness and training to minimize those impacts
  4. Promoting and continuing to invest in technologies that provide alternatives to business travel.
  5. Measuring and analyzing the carbon footprint of our business activities in conjunction with other climate change mitigating and adapting efforts.


We at Egascon Engineering services Limited are committed to conducting all our business in an honest and ethical manner and abiding by the law in the conduct of its business and its interaction with others.

This document sets out the rules of Egascon in relation to anti-bribery and corruption matters and it applies to all employees, contractors, suppliers and its clients.

Compliance with the Egascon’s policy in relation to bribery and corruption is regarded as part of your contract of employment. If you fail for any reason to follow the rules set out in this document this may result in disciplinary action being taken against you which could result in your dismissal.

Bribery is the offer or receipt of any gift, loan, payment, reward or other advantage to or from any person as an encouragement to do something which is dishonest, illegal or a breach of trust, in the conduct of the Company’s business.

Corruption is the misuse of entrusted power for private gain. To place this in context, you should be aware that if you engage in activities which are contrary to anti-bribery and corruption legislation, you could face the penalty and the Company could also be liable to an unlimited fine and Government sanction.

This policy document is not regarded as exhaustive, but does give specific examples of situations and sets out the rules and procedures and which should be followed. If you are at any time uncertain as to whether your actions will comply with this policy, you must seek guidance from the Technical Director

We should at all times act in accordance with the following provisions:

  1. Behave honestly, be trustworthy and set a good example;
  2. Use the resources of the Company in the best interests of the Company and do not misuse those resources;
  3. Make a clear distinction between the interests of the Company and your private interests to avoid any conflict of interest, and if such conflict does arise you should report it to the Management immediately;
  4. Ensure that any community support, sponsorship and charitable donations do not constitute bribery, and if in doubt you should consult the Management.
  5. Confidentially report all incidents, risks and issues which are contrary to this policy document to the Management;
  6. Raise any issues regarding anti-bribery and corruption laws and the Company’s policies. Queries will be dealt with anonymously and a written response will be issued;
  7. Do not offer or accept bribes.
  8. Do not, without express prior written approval from the Management, offer or accept any gifts or hospitality to or from clients, contractors, suppliers, other third parties or public officials.

Gifts are presents such as, clothes, vouchers, food and drink. Event and travel tickets given to you as an individual are also gifts when they are not to be used in a hosted business context.

Hospitality includes invitations to hosted meals, receptions and events for business purposes.

Do not offer money to any public officials in order to speed up service or gain improper advantage. This type of bribery is a ‘facilitation payment’ and is illegal. If you are faced with a demand for a facilitation payment you must

  1. Actively resist the payment;
  2. Report to the Technical Director immediately.

By complying with this policy document we aim to ensure that you and the Company will not at any time knowingly breach any relevant anti-bribery and corruption legislation and also that by adhering to the Policy the Company can demonstrate that it has adequate procedures in place to prevent such activity.

You have an independent obligation to prevent bribery and corruption in Egascon services and to ensure that any interaction with public officials complies with this policy document and relevant laws.